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24-month contract*




24-month contract*




24-month contract*




24-month contract*



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Download Speed 100Mbps 500Mbps 1Gbps 2Gbps
UpLoad Speed 100Mbps 500Mbps 500Mbps 500Mbps
Price RM99/month RM139/month RM199/month 379/month
Promotion First month on us RM99 for first 6 months
FREE Mesh WIFI Free 2x Mesh WiFi
Contract 24 months
Route Model Huawei HG8145V5 Huawei HG8145X6 Huawei HN8245X6S
Voice TIME Voice Home Basic TIME Voice Home Lite* TIME Voice Home Max* TIME Voice Home Max*
Pay-as-you-use Add on RM2.50/month
Free Call 60mins
NO free dect phone
Add on RM10/month
Free call 330mins
NO free dect phone

1. All promotions displayed are applicable to 24-month contract plans only. Terms and conditions apply.
2. These plans are only available for subscribers of the 24-month contract plan. Entitlement of free minutes for these plans is renewable monthly and cannot be carried forward. Normal call rates apply upon full utilisation of free minutes.
3. For non-Malaysians, the amount will be used to offset the foreigner deposit.

Voice calls are charged at a rate of 10sen/min to all fixed and mobile numbers nationwide, and 8sen/min for IDD calls to 60 countries.Click here for the full list of IDD call rates.

Here's Why We're Better

Fastest Speeds

Why bother with slower speeds? Get up to 1Gbps now.

100% Fibre

Only a full-fibre network can ensure higher speeds and better stability.

Seamless Connectivity

For a strong signal anywhere in your home, get our WiFi Booster.

Expert Installation

Our team of Tech Ninjas are the best to support your installation and WiFi needs.

Meet Your Next Fibre Business Plan

Business Pro


24-month contract*
Business Pro


24-month contract*


24-month contract*

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Pro Enterprise
Speed 100Mbps 300Mbps 500Mbps
Price RM128/month RM188/month RM258/month
Contract 24 months
Upload 100 Mbps 500 Mbps
Fixed IP Up to 1 Fixed IP 1 or 5 Fixed IP
Voice Calls 1 Line + FREE 300 mins/month 1 Line + RM500 Free Calls for 12 months
Device HG8145X6 (Wifi 6 AX mesh router) HG8145X6 (Wifi 6 AX mesh router)
Free Mesh Wifi
Free Dect Phone

Voice Configuration for new plan:
1. The FTTO voice line is not allowed to maintain if customer terminate TIME Fibre Broadband service.
2. Entitlement of free minutes for these plans is renewable monthly and cannot be carried forward. Normal call rates apply upon full utilisation of free minutes. Voice calls are charged at a rate of 11 sen/min to all fixed and mobile
numbers nationwide, and 8 sen/min for IDD calls to 60 countries.
3. If customer require for more than 1 voice line, customer can subscribe to BVL: 2 voice lines@RM45(rental).
4. Early termination penalty is based on the remaining contractual months.

Made For You

We understand SME and design solutions to meet different business needs.

Made Easy

Focus on your business. We'll take care of the rest.

Made to Deliver

You only get symmetrical speeds and 100% fibre network with us.

TIME Fibre Internet

The Internet has been a part and parcel in our life. We wake up to warm greetings in the morning to call off the day with goodnight wishes where everything revolves around the Internet. Besides, almost all of them around the world are benefited through the Internet whether it is for education, job opportunities or even entertainment. The Internet can provide the results that you want within a click of seconds. Isn’t that amazing?

We are far beyond those days where we just sit in a corner for hours, flipping through the book or dictionary to get the essential information to complete our tasks successfully. The presence of the Internet has made our life easier and more convenient. The need of the Internet in our daily life will never be enough as every second there is someone who is online, making use of the services that it offers. As the reports and statistics speak for themselves, people are using the Internet on an average of 144 minutes in a day which pretty much sums up that we could no longer live without the usage of the extraordinary Internet.

Apart from that, something about the Internet that bothers us is the connection and the speed of it. It is an absolute fact that we get frustrated when the video or a specific website starts buffering when we are watching a movie or looking for something crucial. Eventually, some of us will give up and distract ourselves from doing other things. However, it depends on the plan and coverage in your residential area or perhaps at your workplace. Some plans that have excellent Internet connection and speed can rip off your wallet, meanwhile, plans that require you to not to spend more might not satisfy your needs. That is why there is TIME Fibre, an Internet installer that you should consider as it will be your companion and best friend in providing solutions for all your troubles.

With TIME internet Malaysia, you will surely be more than satisfied with the speed and price of our amazing packages.

Well, now let’s dive deep into your ultimate TIME home fibre in Malaysia. Are questions like “What is so special and unique about this installer?” ‘What can it offer?” and so on popping on your head? No worries as you will be accessible to the fastest speeds when you can finally work in peace or finish watching that favourite series of yours in hours. Besides, when it comes to a product or service, you will be figuring out if it is trustworthy and luck is on your side as TIME internet is a reliable network with 100% fibre. It offers an additional feature where before installing them you will be able to f ind the coverage in your area by just filling in some important details such as your name, contact number, house address and many more. So, it indirectly provides a platform for you to be satisfied with your plan.

Furthermore, for businesses, the TIME broadband package comes with a range of prices and services which means the choice is yours on which package you are choosing. Seamless connectivity is another competence of it because no matter where you are at your home, a strong connection will be enjoyed by you. You do not have to walk around or find the perfect spot (that one spot) to utilise the Internet. Everything is made possible with Time.

Easy Installation


Pick A Date

Choose your installation date when you sign up.


Sit Back, Relax

Wait for our installer to confirm the appointment and assist with connection.


Connection Test

Our installer will test your connection and answer all your questions.

Time Broadband Installation

The process of application will just take 1 to 2 days and it will 5-7 days to arrange the installation. Depending on the complexity of the layout of your condo, the entire process of installing the fibre should take 45 minutes to 2 hours.

The installation process is free for Malaysian Citizens. But foreign citizens will need to pay a deposit of RM500.

We will also assist you every step of the way with our customer service, ensuring that you get what you paid for when it comes to amazing fibre optic speeds.

Why Choose Us?

As we all know in our current and constant evolvement of technology around us, the creation of the Internet is extremely vital as our necessity. For many people around the world, the Internet has opened up a new future.

Delivering the Greatest Essential of Our Time

It's an unending expression of ingenuity and imagination. It knows no borders but brings in every country huge economic opportunities for people. Web helps people to enhance their quality of life. It allows access to all items that were previously unavailable.

With nearly three million users, the internet has emerged as one of the communication's most powerful resources.

Given the increasingly important role of the Internet as a networking tool, the United Nations has also recently indicated that access to internet services should be a part of human rights. Nearly every part of human life has been affected by the Internet, not only private life, but public services too. Right now, no one can deter people from revealing their private lives to the media.

Choose Speed, Choose TIME Fibre

And what more trustable place to invest in having a fast and easily accessible Internet in the comfort of your own home? With TIME fibre home broadband Malaysia, you can have the best of the best and here's why.

First and foremost, TIME offers you the fastest access to the Internet as there ever is. Waiting for something to load on your device might annoy you at times especially if it takes a long long time, hence why bother with it when you can get faster internet with TIME!

TIME Internet in Malaysia is also 100% Fibre. When you look for a home Internet, of course, you want the absolute best and the one that you can trust. With TIME, we offer you only a full-fibre network that ensures higher speeds and better stability for your endless binge on Netflix.

Furthermore, seamless connectivity is what everyone might die for whenever they want access to the Internet. It is quite the most annoying thing ever looking for a good spot in every nook and cranny of house for the fastest Internet coverage, however, with TIME Fibre Internet Malaysia, you can have a connection to anywhere in your house with our Wifi Booster.

Lastly, we also offer you the fastest and secured expert installations of your Internet. With our expert team of Tech guys, it sure will help ease the process of the installation at your home without a worry at all.

So what are you waiting for? Head up to their website and sign up now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of using Time?

We at Time Internet Malaysia are prepared to give you the fastest and most stable Internet networks in Malaysia. Our Time Internet Plan Malaysia can go up to 1Gbps in speed and are 100% fibre; ensuring an incredibly fast and stable Internet connection for all users. What’s more, we also guarantee seamless Wi-Fi connectivity with the implementation of our Wi-Fi Booster, and promise expert installation of our Internet packages into your home. Delivering the Greatest Essential of Our Time

2. What personal internet packages do you provide?

At Time Internet Malaysia, we offer 3 different Time internet plans Malaysia that are each tailored accordingly to different needs. Our Time 100mbps plan for RM99/month is a standard for those who love to use the Internet, while our Time 500mbps plan for RM129/month is perfect for those who use more than one device. Finally, our bestselling RM199/month plan is ideal for anyone who wants or needs fast Internet.

3. As a businessman, what can I get a Business Package WiFi plan in Malaysia?

We at Time Fibre offer 2 different packages (Retail plan for RM 138/month and Office plan for RM 218/month). Both packages are tailored for large businesses that run on intensive, complex processes, ensuring that all your online work practices are operating smoothly via a fast and reliable internet plan.

4. How long will it take to install Time Broadband?

Time Broadband Malaysia will take just 1 to 2 days to apply, and about 5 to 7 days to arrange the installation. The entire installation process will vary depending on the complexity of the layout of your condo, but on average it should take 45 minutes to 2 hours.

5. Is the installation process free?

The installation process for Time Broadband package Malaysia will be free for Malaysian Citizens. However, foreign citizens will be required to pay a deposit of RM500.